Have express train services between key locations and transport hubs

It has dawned on me that while any traveller could travel by the planned High Speed Rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in 90 minutes, he would have to take more than an hour to travel from the Jurong East terminus to Changi Airport, or 30 minutes to reach the city area by MRT ("Tender for KL-S'pore High Speed Rail"; Aug 20).

Perhaps the Land Transport Authority could consider building an express train system between important locations and transport hubs, such as Changi Airport, Jurong East terminus, Woodlands Checkpoint, Marina Bay Cruise Centre and the Central Business District.

This will greatly boost our status as a regional transport hub and an efficient business hub.

I can think of one such existing system, which consists of Britain's London Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect and London Tube.

These trains run largely on existing lines and commuters can choose from the various train schedules to suit their needs.

Alternatively, the current MRT system could also offer express services between key locations and transport hubs at fixed intervals.

Tay Hung Yong