Get tough on reckless drivers

There appears to be an increasing number of incidents involving commercial vehicles ("Overturned truck causes massive jam on Tampines Expressway"; ST Online, June 20).

I have observed many vans or lorries taking lane 1, resulting in cars having to overtake them.

I have also lost count of the number of times I have seen public buses trying to beat the red light.

Commercial vehicle drivers seem to be taking unnecessary risks on the roads as they try to earn more money from making more trips or not be penalised for not adhering to a time schedule.

Harsher penalties have to be imposed on such errant drivers and their respective employers.

If initial indications point to commercial vehicle drivers being at fault in an accident which causes a huge traffic jam, they should be temporarily suspended until the investigation is complete.

If the drivers are found to be reckless, their jail term should be at least two weeks. The company employing the errant drivers should be fined at least $50,000.

Only then can we expect to be able to force the companies to adopt a more comprehensive approach in training their drivers to put safety first.

Chua Boon Hou