Ex-STTA president did contribute to boosting local table tennis

I disagree with Mr Sebastian Tan's view that the current Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) president is bold, while former president Lee Bee Wah should be blamed for the current STTA performance (STTA president's boldness good for Singapore table tennis; Forum Online, April 18).

Ms Lee helped to get Singaporeans excited about table tennis.

Having foreign talent train together with local-born players helped local players boost their standard and confidence.

Ms Lee also introduced the STTA-PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten Table Tennis Programme, seven zone training centres, a youth development squad, the School Within a School programme and educational opportunities with local and foreign universities.

All these were in the hope of producing more home-grown Olympians as soon as in 2020.

Ironically, after she left, we started to witness many internal political conflicts and shocking layoffs of good players and a coach, causing the public to raise questions about STTA.

It is really disappointing to see that players such as Feng Tianwei are now fighting for Singapore and winning awards outside of STTA.

Wong Boon Hong