STTA president's boldness good for Singapore table tennis

The previous Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) president Lee Bee Wah should be saddled with the blame for the performance of our paddlers at the recent Commonwealth Games, where they came up short.

Ms Lee had relied solely on foreign-born paddlers to achieve the previous successes.

During the earlier years of success, she could have embarked on nurturing, training and exposing local-born paddlers more to ready them for the eventual takeover of our foreign-born paddlers.

I cannot recall any match where our local-born paddlers were played against higher-level opponents, especially during those nerve-racking final matches.

This is in sharp contrast to the current STTA president, Ms Ellen Lee, who is and has been very bold in exposing and playing our local-born paddlers in higher-level matches.

Granted, the results may not be satisfactory, but the experience gained by our local-born paddlers would surely stand them in good stead for big tournaments in the future.

I am very sure that all of us table tennis supporters would be more than happy to forgo short-term results for long-term gain.


In any case, our top paddlers Gao Ning and Feng Tianwei are getting on in age and will soon have to be replaced.

On this note, I must commend Ms Ellen Lee for taking a long-term view of table tennis prospects in Singapore and I hope all of us will stand behind her and her decision.

Sebastian Tan