Efforts to promote graciousness towards seniors

We thank Mr Chin Kee Thou for his support of FairPrice's service priority and initiatives for seniors, as well as for his concern over senior shoppers ("Seniors unaware discount applies at any FairPrice counter"; Forum Online, May 22).

The 3 per cent Pioneer Generation discount is indeed applicable at all FairPrice stores on Mondays.

In addition, priority queues for the pioneer generation are in place for our customers to join us in showing kindness and respect to our seniors, by giving way to them.

We will continue to look at ways to inform the community, including pioneer generation members, about this initiative.

We encourage our shoppers to be gracious by giving way to Pioneer Generation cardholders at the designated Pioneer Generation queues in FairPrice stores.

Customers, especially the elderly at our stores, can also approach our staff for assistance if required.

Jonas Kor


Corporate Communications

NTUC FairPrice