Seniors unaware discount applies at any FairPrice counter

I laud FairPrice supermarket for creating an exclusive checkout counter for Pioneer Generation shoppers and for giving them a 3 per cent discount when they shop on Mondays.

When I was at the chain's Toa Payoh HDB branch one Monday morning, I saw many senior shoppers joining the Pioneer Generation queue, even as it grew longer and there were shorter queues at other counters.

Many of them were not aware that they could pay at any other available counter and enjoy the same discount with a flash of their Pioneer Generation card.

Some of these senior shoppers are feeble and weak, and waiting in line for a long period of time is tough on them.

Perhaps FairPrice could educate seniors so they know that the Pioneer Generation counter is for their convenience when other counters have a longer queue, but they can enjoy the discount at any counter.

Chin Kee Thou

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