Carousell has a policy in place against counterfeits

We thank Mr Alex Chan Hua Chew for his letter regarding counterfeits on Carousell (Online marketplaces must take counterfeit sale seriously, March 25).

Carousell respects the intellectual property rights of others and we take a serious view on listings that infringe on intellectual property.

The sale of fake products, replicas or counterfeits and the creation of any content that violates any intellectual property rights are illegal and prohibited on Carousell's mobile application and website.

We have a counterfeit policy in place, and will not hesitate to remove listings that breach our guidelines or terms of service.

Trust and safety are top priorities for Carousell, and we are committed to improving our marketplace to minimise and manage fraudulent activities.

We are constantly working to improve our automated processes to identify more accurately and take down listings of counterfeit items faster. We have doubled our teams to monitor the marketplace, and we encourage Carousellers to report any listings suspected of infringing intellectual property.

In March, at least 40 per cent of user reports for counterfeit items were reviewed under an hour.

Our legal team is also exploring how we can work with brands and intellectual property owners to address this issue in a more holistic manner.

As with every online and offline marketplace, there are always risks to buying and selling. We would also like to encourage our users to be cautious and practise due diligence when arranging any deals.

Su Lin Tan (Ms)

Vice-President of Operations