Voices Of Youth

Let taxi drivers choose their music

I was surprised to read a letter complaining about taxi drivers playing music in taxis (Cabbies should not inflict their music on passengers, by Mrs A. Staveley-Taylor, May 9).

Although I agree that blasting music is inconsiderate, passengers should be more open and understanding.

From the taxi drivers' perspective, listening to music is a form of relaxation as they work long hours daily.

Driving all day can be tedious, and music is a way to pass the time.

Unless the driver is blasting his music, passengers can be accommodating and see things from the driver's perspective.

If the music is not to their taste, they could politely ask the cabby to change it.

Both cabbies and passengers have the responsibility of being understanding and courteous.

Jovan Hsu Teng Yuan, 15

Secondary 3 student