Singapore and Malaysia to form joint working committee on coronavirus

Senior health officials from both sides will work over the next few days to determine the composition and terms of reference of the group.
Malaysian health minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said Singapore and Malaysia share the same Causeway, with hundreds of people travelling across each day, so the two sides should enhance cooperation in managing the coronavirus outbreak.ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG

KUALA LUMPUR - Singapore and Malaysia will set up a a joint working group to strengthen cooperation in tackling the spread of the coronavirus.

The authorities from both countries announced the working group on Tuesday (Feb 11) after a video conference between Singapore Health Minister Gan Kim Yong and his Malaysian counterpart, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

The ministers had agreed that it is important for both countries to continue working closely together on the outbreak, especially given the high volume of travel between Singapore and Malaysia, the Republic's Ministry of Health said in a statement.

"Since the start of the outbreak, both countries have been in close touch with one another including expeditiously sharing information on cross-border cases," it added. "The cooperation would not have been possible without the strong collaboration and network built up over the years."

Separately, Dr Dzulkefly said at a news conference in Putrajaya: "We share the same Causeway, there are hundreds of people travelling across each day for reasons of family, business and leisure, so all the more why we should strengthen and enhance our cooperation managing this coronavirus outbreak."

Senior health officials from both sides will work over the next few days to determine the composition and terms of reference of the group.

Singapore has nominated Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health Lam Pin Min as a co-chair.

During the video conference, Mr Gan and Dr Dzulkefly also updated each other on the situations in their respective countries and discussed public health measures, epidemiological findings and clinical management of the disease.

Malaysia has recorded 18 cases of the coronavirus so far while Singapore has seen 47 cases.


Chinese nationals make up 12 of the cases in Malaysia, while the remaining six are Malaysians.

Malaysia's first coronavirus patients were China tourists who had entered the country via Johor Baru from Singapore while its first local patient had attended a conference in Singapore.

Malaysia's eastern state of Sarawak on Monday announced that those who had recently visited Singapore must undergo an immediate self-imposed 14-day home quarantine.

On Tuesday, the state's disaster management committee revised its guidelines and said visitors from Singapore would not need to self-quarantine, but only take precautionary measures like avoiding public places and practising good hygiene.