Video: We're worried but he's happy to help, says daughter of new Wuhan hospital project manager

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BEIJING (REUTERS) - Ms Felicity Feng, a Canadian visiting her parents in China's Wuhan city in central Hubei province, is worried about her father, a project manager tasked with the construction of one of the two hospitals dedicated to treating those with the deadly new coronavirus.

Ms Feng's father, who has retired from the Chinese army, was asked to oversee the project at Leishenshan hospital, she told Reuters.

It is set to be completed on Feb 5.

She told Reuters that he has been clocking in long hours on site, an issue of concern for her and her mother.

The 28-year-old, who lives in Montreal with her husband, is visiting her parents over the Chinese New Year holiday, she said on Thursday (Jan 30).

When news of the virus outbreak broke, her parents urged her to leave, but Ms Feng said she wanted to stay with them during the lockdown of the city, which is the epicentre of the outbreak.

On Saturday, China's new confirmed infections from the coronavirus outbreak went up by 2,590 cases to top 14,000, as the quickly growing epidemic prompted global travel restrictions and evacuations.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in China had reached 304 as of the end of Saturday, state broadcaster CCTV said on Sunday, citing the country's National Health Commission.

Almost all the deaths have been in the central province of Hubei, home to about 60 million people and now under virtual lockdown.

Sunday also saw the Philippines reporting the first overseas death from the growing epidemic. The Philippines Department of Health said a 44-year-old man from Wuhan had died after developing severe pneumonia.

It was the first death out of more than 130 cases reported in around two dozen other countries and regions outside of mainland China.

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Remote video URL

The virus emerged last month in a live wild animal market in Wuhan.

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