GZERO VIDEO: Is China too confident in its foreign policy?

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - Several advanced industrial democracies around the world are angrier with China at the same time, observes American political scientist Ian Bremmer.

The Australian trade war with China and criticism from the Europeans on the treatment of the Uighurs as key examples of such discontentment, he notes.

In the case of Australia, Mr Bremmer says the trade war was kicked off by the Chinese in response to the Australian government saying, even before the Trump administration, that they wanted investigations into the origins of Covid-19.

Similarly, Mr Bremmer draws attention to the greater focus on human rights issues coming out of various parts of the European Union.

As a result of this criticism from members of the European Union, there was a suspension of the much-lauded EU-China investment deal.

Mr Bremmer also observed that the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed the intent of pulling his country out of China's Belt and Road. As the first G-7 economy to join Belt and Road, the move by Italy represents a marked shift in attitudes toward China.

Mr Bremmer attributes this shift to multiple factors, one of which is the amount of confidence inside the Chinese leadership of China's model. Mr Bremmer posits that this confidence in the Chinese model of politics, economic development and technology has led to the belief that the way forward lies not in the Western model, but the Chinese one. This confidence is also a lot more deeply rooted and entrenched than it was in a decade ago, he notes.

But is it misplaced?

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