10 must-reads for today

Police investigators inspecting the wreckage of a car bomb following explosions in Thailand's restive south yesterday.
Police investigators inspecting the wreckage of a car bomb following explosions in Thailand's restive south yesterday.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


1 18 injured in Thai blasts

Two bombs exploded in front of a government office in Thailand's insurgency-hit Yala province yesterday, wounding 18 people, a security official said. The explosions took place in front of a Thai government body that oversees the administration of the three Malay-Muslim majority provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala. 


2 Flow of goods to continue

The flow of goods and cargo between Singapore and Malaysia will continue, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday. He said in a Facebook post that he received this reassurance from Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin when they discussed the move by Malaysia to lock down its borders. 


3 Pandemic hits primaries

The coronavirus pandemic has cast a cloud over the US Democratic Party's primaries to choose a candidate for the presidential race. States such as Ohio, Georgia and Louisiana announced they would postpone voting to May and June, as the number of infections rose to over 4,600 and public health concerns mounted. 


4 Deepfakes raise concerns

The emergence of two videos that were made using deepfake techniques during the recent Delhi state election has raised concerns about potential misuse of this technology in a country where even crudely edited videos have led to several deaths. 


5 Recession looks inevitable

Economic policy bazookas are going off everywhere, but measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak lead to demand destruction on a massive scale. A global recession looks inevitable, says associate editor Vikram Khanna. 


6 Aussie team lands MRT deal

An Australian team has clinched a deal to build three MRT stations on the upcoming Jurong Region Line, which is scheduled to be ready by 2028. The Land Transport Authority said that it has awarded the contract for the three stations and associated viaducts to a venture between John Holland and McConnell Dowell South East Asia for $265.4 million. 


7 Precautions by Sikh temples

Food catering will be suspended and equipment for livestreaming of programmes will be installed at the Central Sikh Temple and Silat Road Sikh Temple over the next four weeks, as the Sikh community heeds the Government's calls to be vigilant in religious practices amid a global worsening of the coronavirus outbreak. 


8 More women on boards now 

There are more women on the boards of the largest listed companies in Singapore now than in 2018. But there is still plenty of room for improvement, as some companies still have few or no female directors, said the Council for Board Diversity. 


9 Support for dragon boater

A British dragon boater stricken by the coronavirus is touched by the support from the small but close-knit community in Singapore. The 61-year-old from the American Dragons Singapore club is an imported case and has been in an isolation room at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases since Monday. 



10 New foldable Huawei phone

The Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone, launched last year, did not make it outside China. However, its successor, the Mate Xs (above), will be available in Singapore on Saturday, and it has a head-turning design, stunning display and also offers great image quality. 


Updating electoral registers

Singapore's next general election can be called only after the electoral registers are updated, which will take about a month. Political reporter Fabian Koh explains why it takes that long. str.sg/blurb271


Coronavirus videos

While the coronavirus pandemic has provoked fear in some people, others have been making a special effort to create and post light-hearted videos about the coronavirus. Here are nine videos that have been making the rounds online. str.sg/blurb272

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