Sunday, Feb 1, 2015Sunday, Feb 1, 2015
(REUTERS) - Dads comfort crying kids and animals look adorable as brands take a play-it-safe route this year in the fiercely fought ad battle that will unfold during Sunday's (February 1) broadcast of the Super Bowl.
BEIJING - Pop king Jay Chou will join The Voice Of China as a judge in the coming fourth season, the talent show announced on Weibo today.
The search for love is well-trodden ground in television and film. What happens after you find it is another matter.
As the star of the new television series Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell gets to play a rare creature in comic-book adaptations: a female superhero.
SINGAPORE - Chinese-American singer Van Ness Wu finally responded to rumours of his marital woes with heiress Arissa Cheo on Wednesday night, by posting a photo of a kiss on social media.
Singapore viewers will be able to catch all 13 episodes of the latest season of acclaimed Netflix series House Of Cards, on the same day as their United States release on a local cable TV channel next month.
LONDON (REUTERS) - David Attenborough has seen many of nature's most spectacular creatures in his 60 years of making television documentaries, but he says one of his favourites is the lowly, and in his view sexy, slug.
SINGAPORE - Taiwan-based American singer Van Ness Wu, 36, and his Singaporean heiress wife Arissa Cheo, 32, had a public falling out on social media that was widely reported in the region.

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