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Swedish house duo Dada Life have done the craziest things, from hosting the world's largest pillow fight to petitioning the United Nations to recognise Dada Land as a sovereign nation.
British punk icons the Sex Pistols are known as much for their music and influence on pop culture as they are for the string of controversies that dogged them in the mid-1970s.
WASHINGTON (AFP) - More than seven years ago on a cold January morning, virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell stood in an entrance to a Washington metro station disguised as a street performer and played his heart out.
NEW YORK (AFP) - Hitting the road with his band in a beat-up van, Sean Bohrman looked at the cassette deck and, instead of seeing an ancient relic, became inspired. He could listen to his own, and others', albums on the cheap.
SEOUL (AFP) - One of K-pop's marquee acts, the girlband Girls' Generation, has kicked out one of its star members, sending shockwaves through the group's devoted fan base in South Korea, Asia and beyond.
American Mandopop star Anthony Neely admitted that he is married with a three-year-old daughter, in a video clip posted on his Facebook page earlier this week.
Seoul - Jessica Jung, a member of the K-pop idol group Girls' Generation, has been dropped from the group, their agency SM Entertainment said in a statement.
Local Mandopop singer-songwriter JJ Lin is truly pop royalty, particularly when it comes to, well, royalties.

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