Sunday, Apr 26, 2015Sunday, Apr 26, 2015
NEW YORK (AFP) - The epitome of the British sound two decades ago, Blur has made an unexpected return not with new takes on England but with inspiration from Asia.
Amongst the many programmes presented by orchestras around the world, there is one which guarantees brisk ticket sales and a sizeable turnout: the Pops concert. When the Singapore Symphony Orchestra decided to replace their long running Familiar Favourites series with their Pops concert, it was taken with the aim of attracting to their concerts younger crowds daunted by classical music.
Musicians from all backgrounds and across every genre in Singapore now have a professional body looking out for their interests.
Tickets to the concert at National Stadium, costing $20 each, will go on sale on Monday, April 27.
MIAMI (REUTERS) - A lawsuit against pop star Justin Bieber over an incident involving a photographer in Miami has been resolved, according to attorneys.
Taiwanese singer Ella Chen, 33, has shed her top - and her squeaky clean image - for her first solo album, Why Not. In the album trailer, the S.H.E star removes her blouse to reveal a black bra for a few seconds.
When American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor dropped her single All About That Bass last year, it quickly became a chart-topping pop anthem around the world.
For a singer-songwriter who puts out songs filled with sass and spice, Meghan Trainor's first outing in Singapore, at The Coliseum on Thursday, was mostly plain vanilla, dusted with sprinkles.

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