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LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Sony Pictures still hopes to release The Interview in some format, despite having canceled its theatrical release, the Hollywood studio said on Friday.
American actor George Clooney has stood up to criticise Hollywood for not rallying behind Sony Pictures as it was threatened for its North Korea spoof, The Interview, and has called for the movie to be put online.
Hong Kong - Nicholas Tse batted away talk that he is to wed lover Faye Wong, as the media questioned him if he planned to settle down in Beijing.
In the concluding part of the trilogy, Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and the band of dwarves have awakened Smaug the dragon in their quest to find the Arkenstone, the jewel that will usher the return of dwarves to the Lonely Mountain under the rule of Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage).
BRAZIL (AFP) - Brazilian author Paulo Coelho offered Thursday to pay Sony US$100,000 (S$131,400) for rights to The Interview, protesting the company's decision to scrap the North Korean parody film amid chilling threats from hackers.
HONG KONG - Marine policemen arrived and found the sampan 30m from the shore. At about 4am, divers found the cinematographer trapped under the upturned sampan and unconscious. He was pronounced dead in hospital.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood film-makers and actors voiced outrage on Wednesday after Sony Pictures pulled the release of North Korea parody The Interview, following threats from hackers who waged a massive cyberattack on the movie studio.
HONG KONG - Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is singing the praises of Singapore, a year into her stay in the Republic.

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