Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014
Popular local blogger Wendy Cheng, better known by her online moniker Xiaxue, will be making her movie debut in the upcoming flick Our Sister Mambo.
South Korean heart-throb Song baring it all for a provocative erotic film? The movie sells itself.
This is the latest big-screen imagining of Liang Yusheng's serialised fantasy novel The Story Of The White Haired Demoness (1957), a Romeo And Juliettype love story that has seen numerous film and TV adaptations over the past few decades.
If The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom had been left in the hands of its leads Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing, the movie would have several more steamy sex scenes.
Don't love me just because I'm beautiful, is the tune South Korean heart-throb Song Seung Heon seems to be singing.
This one hits high scores on the checklist of crimes that bad comedies commit.
Actress Zoe Saldana rolls her eyes a little when she is told that the biggest movie of the summer Transformers: Age Of Extinction features a female lead whose main job is to scream and show off her posterior.
SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Star Wars fans breathlessly waiting for the next episode in the legendary saga to hit movie screens late next year are about to meet a new band of ragtag rebels trying to defeat the Empire.

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