Coronavirus pandemic

World unites in practising safe-distancing

Tokyo (above).
Chatsworth, South Africa (above).
Chatsworth, South Africa (above).PHOTO: REUTERS
Quetta, Pakistan (above).
Quetta, Pakistan (above).PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

To help contain the coronavirus outbreak, the authorities worldwide have introduced a slew of measures to keep people apart in public places as well as reduce the size of public gatherings. In Chatsworth, South Africa, shoppers keep a safe distance from one another as they queue outside a grocery store during a nationwide 21-day lockdown; others in Quetta, Pakistan, comply by standing within marked circles while waiting to collect free dry rations from a welfare trust. Over in Tokyo, new employees of Japan's Defence Ministry sit on chairs spaced wide apart as they watch a video message from Defence Minister Taro Kono during a ceremony on Wednesday. 

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