World champion rides bike over slackline in the Alps

(REUTERS) - Trial bike world champion Kenny Belaey travelled to new heights on Wednesday (September 17) as he managed to successfully ride a slackline across a 120 metres (123 yards) drop in the French Alps at an altitude of 2700 metres (2952 yards).

The footage, shot in the ski resort of La Plagne by Red Bull, shows Mr Belaey's initial attempts at the stunt where he falls off his bike and is temporarily suspended mid-air in the Alps.

The footage then shows Mr Belaey successfully 'riding' his bike across the slack line and his joy at managing the stunt.

Red Bull said in a statement on their website that the Belgian athlete managed to cover a distance of 20 meters on a slackline mounted across a rock called "la Roche Fendue."

Kenny Belaey, nicknamed "The Magician", has been riding for 22 years.

He has nine world championship titles from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in the discipline of 'trial'.