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Paris attacks: French air force responds by pounding ISIS stronghold of Raqa in Syria

French warplanes pounded the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria's (ISIS) stronghold in Syria's Raqa on Sunday, destroying a command post and a training camp, the defence ministry said.

In its first air strike against IS since the string of deadly Paris attacks claimed by ISIS, 12 warplanes, including 10 fighter bombers, dropped 20 bombs on the targets.

"The first target destroyed was used by Daesh (another Arabic acronym for ISIS) as a command post, jihadist recruitment centre and arms and munitions depot. The second held a terrorist training camp," a ministry statement said.


Paris attacks: Global arrest warrant for brother tied to massacre as death toll rises

Belgium issued an international arrest warrant Sunday for one of three brothers linked to the brutal attacks in Paris that killed 132 people, as the probe spread across Europe.

French police Sunday released a photograph of the suspect in the Paris attacks, naming him as 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam. Asking for any information leading to his capture, the alert said Abdeslam "may have been involved in the Paris attacks" and warned that he is considered a "dangerous individual".

Three of the people critically injured in the Paris attacks have died, with 42 still in intensive care, the city's hospital administration said Sunday.


G20: Preparing workforce for the future is vital to inclusive growth: PM Lee at Summit

Preparing workers for the future is vital to achieving inclusive growth, even as the global economy faces short-term risks such as a slowdown in growth, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sunday.

Training, educating and keeping workers employable will help to prevent issues such as skills mismatch or unemployment from developing in the workforce for both youth and mature workers, he added.

"We need a deliberate strategy to drive skills, innovation and productivity, which have to advance in tandem," he said at the Group of 20 (G-20) Leaders' Summit on Sunday. He was speaking at a working session on global economy, growth strategies, employment and investment strategies.


Lebanon arrests nine over Beirut bombings: interior minister

Lebanon has arrested nine people, mostly Syrians, over last week's Beirut bombings that killed 44 people, an attack whose original target was a hospital, the interior minister said Sunday.

"The detained include seven Syrians and two Lebanese, one of them a (would-be) suicide bomber and the other a trafficker who smuggled them across the border from Syria," Interior Minister Nuhad Mashnuq said in a televised press conference.

The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group claimed responsibility for Thursday's attacks, which hit a busy shopping street in Burj al-Barajneh, a suburb where the Shiite movement Hezbollah is popular.


Formula One: Nico Rosberg remembers Paris attacks with Brazilian Grand Prix triumph

Nico Rosberg put his success into perspective on Sunday after he sealed his place as runner-up in this year's world championship by winning the Brazilian Grand Prix.

He won the race, which was preceded by a ceremonial act of respect in memory of the victims of Friday's terror attacks in Paris, ahead of his Mercedes team-mate newly-crowned three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

But he tempered his celebrations in the land of the samba and his first thoughts, when summarising his feelings on the winners' podium, were of events in the French capital which left 132 dead.