While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, July 25

China's flag flies behind barbed wire at its consulate in San Francisco. PHOTO: AFP

Singaporean pleads guilty to spying for China in the US

A Singaporean man pleaded guilty on Friday to acting under the direction of Chinese intelligence officials to obtain sensitive information from Americans, the US Justice Department said.

Yeo Jun Wei, also called Dickson Yeo, pled guilty in federal court in Washington DC to one count of acting within the United States as an illegal foreign agent.

Court documents said that he used his political consultancy in the United States as a front to collect information for Chinese intelligence, targeting American military and government employees with security clearances on professional networking social media sites.

Yeo would pay them to write reports which he said were meant for clients in Asia, but which were in reality sent to the Chinese government without their knowledge.


Young, healthy adults with mild Covid-19 also take weeks to recover, says CDC

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Young, previously healthy adults can take weeks to fully recover from even a mild Covid-19 infection, with about a fifth of patients under 35 years reporting not returning to their usual state of health up to 21 days after testing positive, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A telephone survey across 13 states of symptomatic adults with mild Covid-19 found 35 per cent had not returned to their usual state of health when interviewed two to three weeks after testing, the CDC reported in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on Friday.

Cough, fatigue and shortness of breath were among the symptoms reported while testing that persisted even weeks later, according to the report.


103-year-old man in Pakistan survives Covid-19

A 103-year-old man has recovered from Covid-19 in Pakistan to become one of the oldest survivors of the disease in the world, beating the odds in a country with a weak healthcare system, his relatives and doctors said.

Aziz Abdul Alim, a resident of a village in the mountainous northern district of Chitral, was released last week from an emergency response centre after testing positive in early July.

"We were worried for him given his age, but he wasn't worried at all," Alim's son Sohail Ahmed told Reuters on the phone from his village, close to Pakistan's border with China and Afghanistan.


Quantum loop: US unveils blueprint for 'virtually unhackable' Internet

US officials and scientists have begun laying the groundwork for a more secure "virtually unhackable" Internet based on quantum computing technology.

At a presentation, Department of Energy officials issued a report that lays out a blueprint strategy for the development of a national quantum Internet, using laws of quantum mechanics to transmit information more securely than on existing networks.

The agency is working with universities and industry researchers on the engineering for the initiative with the aim of creating a prototype within a decade.


Formula One: No F1 Grand Prix this year in US, Brazil, Mexico, Canada

The Grands Prix in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Canada have been scrapped this year but three races in Europe have been added to the coronavirus-affected season, Formula One said on Friday.

There will be an F1 debut for Portugal's Portimao track and a return for Germany's Nurburgring and Imola in Italy.

The US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, had been scheduled for Oct 23, with a race in Mexico City a week later and Brazil on Nov 13, but with coronavirus infections rising in all those countries, organisers have abandoned attempts to hold races there.


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