While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, July 19 edition

Uproar at Republican convention as anti-Trump delegates revolt

There was chaos on the floor on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as the #NeverTrump made a final push to try and deny businessman Donald Trump the nomination.

The drama hit a peak when Congressmen Steve Womack, who was chairing proceedings, called for a voice vote on whether to adopt the rules that would bind delegates to Mr Trump according to the results of primary election.

The floor instantly exploded into a cacophony as delegates for and against Trump tried to shout over each other.


Attack in Nice: Passers-by spit on stones, garbage marking spot where truck driver was shot

In the midst of the flowers and candles on Nice's Promenade des Anglais, a pile of stones and rubbish has piled up on the spot where the truck attacker's rampage ended.

Passers-by stop to spit on the pile of garbage, adding to it with their cigarette butts and plastic bottles.

Someone has scrawled "coward!" at the spot near where Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was shot dead by police in his truck after careering through a crowd, killing 84 people on Thursday night.


Militant killed in Central Sulawesi may be Santoso, Indonesia's most-wanted terrorist

A gamut of forensic tests await the body of a militant, killed during a fire-fight with security forces in the jungles of Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Indonesian police say they plan to test the dead man for DNA, as well as call up jailed militants to identity his remains to establish if he is Santoso, the country's most wanted terrorist.

This comes after officers noticed that the corpse had a mole on his forehead just like the leader of the East Indonesia Mujahideen, also known as Abu Wardah.


Ships worsen air pollution over China, killing thousands: Study

A boom in shipping is aggravating air pollution in China and other nations in East Asia, causing thousands of deaths a year in a region with eight of the world's 10 biggest container ports, scientists said.

Often overlooked compared to cars and factories that are far bigger causes of smog, ship traffic has more than doubled off East Asia since 2005 and some pollution from the fuel oil of ships wafts inland, they said.

The Chinese-led study estimated that sulphur dioxide, which generates acid rain, and other pollution from ships caused an estimated 24,000 premature deaths a year in East Asia, mainly from heart and lung diseases and cancer.


Football: Man jailed for trying to burgle Mourinho as he watched Euro final on TV

A man has been jailed for four weeks after attempting to break into Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho's London home, British police said.

Gabor Roman, a 25-year-old of no fixed address, was arrested on July 10 in the plush London street where the Portuguese boss lives. He appeared before a London court charged with attempted burglary.

The Sun newspaper, which carried the story on its front page, said the incident took place while Mourinho was watching Portugal win the European Championships on TV.