Woman becomes unlikely social media star by smashing her face into bread

The woman pressing her face into a Cookie Crusted Taro Sweet Bread.
The woman pressing her face into a Cookie Crusted Taro Sweet Bread.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM BREADFACEBLOG/INSTAGRAM

You won't be-loaf how one woman has attracted more than 35,000 followers on Instagram.

The young woman, who appears to be of Asian descent and posts under the name breadfaceblog, exclusively uploads bizarre videos of herself pressing her face into bread.

From white bread to an Italian loaf, sweet rolls to a steamed bun, she does not discriminate as she smashes all sides of her face into the food to music.

Her first video, posted in July last year, attracted 790 likes and comments like " the weirdest Instagram account". Bread Face has skyrocketed in popularity since, with her latest video, of her systematically pressing herself along the length of a long party sub on Monday (Jan 4), attracting some 2,671 likes.

She is a 27-year-old copywriter based in Brooklyn, The New York Times reported.

It added that she eats the bread once she's finished, and that she has spent about US$200 (S$286) on her props so far. She is open to donations, however, with one sandwich shop sending her goodies so far.

How to explain her popularity? She told The New York Times, in response to questions about whether her endeavour has sexual intent: "If I'm filling a once-empty slot for someone sexually - then that's awesome."