US senator hits back at Trump cellphone prank with YouTube video

Graham's cellphone is toast, thanks to Donald Trump's prank of giving out his number.
Graham's cellphone is toast, thanks to Donald Trump's prank of giving out his number.YOUTUBE

WASHINGTON (AFP) - After Donald Trump tweaked Republican rival Lindsey Graham by publicly giving out his cellphone number, the South Carolina senator went on You Tube to show how many ways he could destroy his old school flip-phone.

A video shows Graham hacking, grinding, crushing, smashing, and burning black cellphones to the strains of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

He uses a cleaver, a blender, a cinderblock, a golf club, a toaster oven, a barbecue grill before finally tossing a cellphone off the top of the building.

Created by the Independent Journal Review news website, the video is entitled "How to destroy your cellphone with Sen. Lindsey Graham."

Trump, who has been scorching his Republican presidential rivals in insult-filled rants, went a step further at a political rally on Tuesday, giving out Graham's cellphone number so people could inundate him with their own complaints.

Graham, who proudly proclaims he never sent an e-mail, tweeted that he would be giving up his old cellphone.

"Probably getting a new phone. iPhone or Android?" he asked his followers.

He then quipped: "It was time for an upgrade anyway."

"Or, if all else fails, you can always give your number to the Donald. This is for all the veterans," Graham says at the end of the video, before tossing his phone out of shot.

Graham was referring to Trump's having previously belittled John McCain's status as a war hero for having endured years of harsh captivity during the Vietnam War.

Trump reasoned that McCain was not a war hero, because he had been captured.