US primary results: Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico Democratic Caucuses

A composite photo of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
A composite photo of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.PHOTO: REUTERS

The Democrats held their caucuses in the Virgin Islands on Saturday, June 4 and in Puerto Rico on Sunday, June 5. 

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in both contests. With her latest triumphs, Mrs Clinton has amassed enough delegates to clinch the party's nomination to the US presidential election, media reports said.


June 4 - Virgin Islands Hillary Clinton
June 5 - Puerto Rico Hillary Clinton


Here are the numbers of delegates which candidates have won so far. Figures in brackets are superdelegates (unpledged Democratic party leaders who are free to support any candidate) and are included in the total number.

June 4 - Virgin Islands (7 delegates; 5 superdelegates) 7 -
June 5 - Puerto Rico (60 delegates; 7 superdelegates) 36 20
TOTAL 2,383 (571) 1,569 (48)

Source: The New York Times