US elections: What's next for the candidates?

Republican rivals fighting two parallel battles

MOUNT PLEASANT (South Carolina) • The rivals of Mr Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination dug in yesterday for a hard fight in the South Carolina primary, where the real estate mogul will seek to gain a clear upper hand in the 2016 race after his smashing victory in New Hampshire.

But the effort to stop Mr Trump is only one element of the hard- edged, multifront campaign shaping up among five candidates, nearly all of whom are facing immense pressure to demonstrate strength.

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Nevada firewall or tie-breaker for Clinton, Sanders

LAS VEGAS • After Mrs Hillary Clinton's overwhelming defeat in New Hampshire by Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, eight days after she barely won the Iowa caucuses, Nevada state is looming as a turning point in their increasingly competitive contest, offering critical tests of the two candidates' strengths.

Nevada voters have a long, warm history with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Clintons hope that the western state will be a firewall against Mr Sanders.

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