US elections: Memes and hashtags that lit up social media

A man checking out a Trump cake ahead of the rally in New York City, New York, US, on Nov 8, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

The US presidential elections have finally come to an end, with Mr Donald Trump emerging as the unexpected winner (according to polls, at least).

While it has been a merciless, bruising campaign trail for the candidates and there were serious allegations of sexual misconduct and email misuse, the process has also spawned many light-hearted moments.

The Internet remembers, and here are some of the memes and trending hashtags from election results day.

Some were getting really excited for the finale of the "reality TV show".

It looks like Mr Trump had his cake and ate it too. Here is a gigantic frosted bust of the President-elect which was wheeled out on election day outside of Trump Tower.

It's fair to say it attracted quite a few bites with the hashtag #TrumpCake.

Some netizens observed Mr Trump seemingly peering over to check on his wife Melania's vote.

Supporters of Mrs Clinton made sure they wore their allegiances on their pantsuit sleeves on Election Day.

Some families made it a point for Election Day to be Family Day.

We all remembered when all the polls suggested that Mrs Hillary Clinton would stroll to victory.

Some imagined what Mr Donald Trump's reaction after winning in the face of many detractors to be like.

Some thought about leaving the country.

Others considered Canada's possible reaction.

Amidst all the memes, there was also a plea for seriousness. Kind of.

It was a stressful night for many people, and a little relief was required. Cue the adorable animals and venting it out with screams.

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