US elections: A nation divided - how Americans voted according to exit polls conducted by CNN

Republican Donald Trump stunned the world by defeating heavily favoured Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, ending eight years of Democratic rule. 

Here's a look at the demographic divides that appeared around gender, race, age, education and income levels in the exit polls conducted by CNN.

Overall, Mr Donald Trump seemed to have garnered more votes from males, those aged over 45, whites and the non-college educated as had been expected according to previous reports in the US media.

The deepest divide was among race, with 58 per cent of whites, who accounted for 70 per cent of respondents, preferring Mr Trump. For the other races, around 88 per cent of black respondents and around 65 per cent of Latinos and Asian voters preferred Mrs Hillary Clinton.

Men for Trump, women for Clinton

More than half of the female respondents said they voted for Mrs Clinton, while 53 per cent of men preferred Mr Trump.

Under 45 for Clinton, over 45 for Trump

People under 45 years old didn’t agree with their over 45 counterparts with both diverging significantly in who they voted for.

Whites for Trump, every other race for Clinton

Out of whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians and other races polled, only whites preferred Trump. Since the other races only make up for 30 per cent of the respondents, this might explain how  Mr Trump managed to flip safe blue Democratic states to red Republican states and become the US President-elect.

College graduates with Clinton, non-college graduates with Trump

Non-college graduates polled 52 per cent in favour of Mr Trump. While those who graduated college polled 52 per cent in favour of Mrs Clinton.

Under US$50k income for Clinton, over US$50k for Trump

Around 52 per cent of those who earn under US$50,000 a year preferred Mrs Clinton while around 49 per cent of those who earn above $50,000 preferred Mr Trump.

The above exit polls were conducted by CNN with 24,537 respondents. Figures as at 4pm Singapore time on Nov 9. Grey denotes other or no answer.