Unruly passenger appears in court

The British passenger whose unruly behavior grounded a British Airways flight at Boston's Logan Airport appeared on Thursday (July 9) in a Boston court, where a judge granted him bail but required the man to surrender his passport.

Darren Halliwell, 46, was reportedly intoxicated during his flight from London to Houston on Wednesday (July 8) and allegedly began assaulting his wife onboard.

Several other passengers reportedly intervened and held him down until the flight landed in Boston, where Massachusetts state troopers boarded the plane and escorted Halliwell off.

In court, Assistant District Attorney Emily Hamrock told the judge that passengers who were interviewed described Halliwell's behavior as unruly, adding that one passenger feared for his safety because of Halliwell's large size and the attention Halliwell was giving to the man's granddaughter.

"In addition, your Honor, the defendant's wife was interviewed and she stated that her husband had acted like this before but never this bad," Hamrock told the judge.

"She stated that her husband hit her in the face and pulled (his) shorts and underwear down and urinated on the seat and on the floor," Hamrock said, adding that passengers were seated nearby during the urination incident.

Halliwell, who is an information technology director in the U.K., according to this publicly appointed attorney, was granted $5,000 cash bail and was ordered to surrender his passport. The judge also ordered him to stay in Massachusetts until the trial's end, to remain drug and alcohol free and to submit to drug testing, and to stay away from Logan airport.

His attorney said Halliwell had previously visited the United States some 25 times and had the means to remain in the U.S. while his trial gets underway.