Trump team trolls Joe Biden by grabbing domain name

Biden greets guests during a town hall campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa.
Biden greets guests during a town hall campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa.PHOTO: AFP

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Democrat Joe Biden has launched a Latino support network, but the presidential hopeful got trolled soon after when a website matching his outreach movement's name was snatched up by Donald Trump's re-election effort.

The former vice-president rolled out "Todos con Biden" - All with Biden - on Wednesday to boost Latino support for his White House bid, but the team failed to purchase the URL with the name of his program.

By early on Thursday (Oct 24), the page read "Oops, Joe se olvido de los Latinos" along with an English translation, "Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos."

The site directs users to the Latinos for Trump webpage, which includes news about Trump's effort to attract Hispanic voters, volunteer opportunities, and a donation button.

The troll also occurred on Twitter, where the handle @todosconbiden posted videos attacking Biden's record on immigration issues.

The slip-up is the latest sign that the campaign of the most prominent Democrat in the race is going through some chaotic adjustments.

Trump's re-election team said they bought the URL for minimal cost after noticing Biden's campaign had not purchased it.

"The Biden campaign continues to be inept with a deeply flawed candidate," deputy communications director Erin Perrine told ABC News.

"Latinos are thriving under President Trump and now thanks to the Biden camp, people can find out more about that success at"

Trump has struggled to connect with Latino voters. A September poll conducted by Univision showed all top-tier Democratic presidential candidates leading Trump by more than 40 percentage points among Hispanic registered voters.

The number of Hispanics eligible to vote has surged in the past four years to a record 32 million projected in 2020, up from 27.3 million in 2016, according to the nonpartisan Pew Research Centre.