Trump: I love running against crooked Hillary

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says the New York primary was a "great night", and that Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders is "gone".

NEW YORK, USA (REUTERS) -  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump relished his crushing defeat of Ted Cruz in Tuesday's (April 19) party nominating contests in New York and told his supporters at a rally in Indianapolis that the numbers in his field were "amazing."

Not all of those gathered at the campaign event were his sympathisers however. Mr Trump's opening remarks about his win were interrupted by protesters.

"Get 'em out," Mr Trump said, which has been his go-to phrase when interrupted. "You know, Bernie's gone. You know that, don't you?" 

"I love running against Crooked Hillary, I love that," he added, referencing his Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton. "Bernie wouldn't be as much fun."

Mr Trump's win marked a rebound from his Wisconsin defeat two weeks ago and set him up for another big night on April 26, when Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Maryland will hold primaries.

Mr Trump, a former reality TV star, has adapted a more measured tone in recent days and appears to be trying to heal wounds inflicted by a campaign that has alarmed many in the Republican establishment. He sent campaign advisers to a Republican National Committee meeting in Hollywood, Florida starting on Wednesday (April 20).