Trump dismisses talk of Nikki Haley replacing Mike Pence on 2020 ticket

Haley (above) is the former US ambassador to the United Nations.
Haley (above) is the former US ambassador to the United Nations.PHOTO: AFP

WASHINGTON (DPA) - US President Donald Trump on Wednesday (June 26) slammed the brakes on any suggestion that Vice-President Mike Pence should be replaced by Nikki Haley as his running mate in the 2020 election.

"Mike Pence is the person, 100 per cent," he said in an interview with Fox Business.

"We won together. We have tremendous evangelical support - support from every angle. You can't break up a team like that."

Trump was responding to a question about reports that Pence should be replaced by Haley, the former US ambassador to the United Nations.

"I love Nikki. She's endorsed me. She's my friend. She's part of my campaign, but Mike has been a great vice president," Trump said.

The latest suggestion promoting Haley appeared in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal written by former New York City Council President Andrew Stein.

Haley, who resigned from the post at the UN late last year, could help Trump win over female voters, Stein said.


Stein argued that while Pence helped Trump shore up evangelical support in 2016, those voters already have been alienated by "the Democrats' embrace of infanticide," a reference to attempts in some states to loosen abortion law.

"Mr Trump's greater obstacle to re-election comes from politically moderate suburban women, many of whom see him as divisive," Stein argued.

Haley could "tamp down the antipathy for Mr Trump that seems to afflict so many moderate and Republican-leaning women," Stein said.