Trump cheers on Sebastian Gorka for starting scuffle with journalists


WASHINGTON (TCA/DPA) - US President Donald Trump cheered on Sebastian Gorka on Friday (July 12) after the fired White House aide tried to start a fight with reporters at a Rose Garden news conference.

"Gorka Wins Big, no contest," Trump tweeted.

The presidential attaboy came hours after Gorka lost his cool at a Trump's news conference announcing his reversal on adding a citizenship question to the census.

Gorka, who was invited to a White House social media summit, was spewing vitriol at "a**hat" reporters, witnesses said.

He then faced off against Playboy scribe Brian Kerem, calling the reporter a "punk."

The stand-off nearly came to blows as fellow right-wing bloggers cheered on Gorka.

Gorka was fired from his anti-terrorism post in a purge of allies of former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

He has been accused of being a member of a nationalist group that was allied with the Nazis in his native Hungary.