Council votes to remove Trump's star from Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Mr Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalised and defaced at least twice since he became president. PHOTO: REUTERS

CALIFORNIA - United States President Donald Trump is due to have his star removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to a tweet by Mr John Duran, Mayor of West Hollywood, California, the West Hollywood City council unanimously passed a resolution on Monday night (Aug 6) asking the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the star.

In his tweet, Mr Duran also used the hashtags "#horcruxdestroyed", "#bellicose", "#belligerent", "#unAmericanvalues" and "#MakeAmericaintoAmericaAgain".

Mr Trump was awarded the star in 2007, at a time when he was still hosting the television programme The Apprentice. Since his presidency, however, the star has been vandalised and defaced at least twice.

In October 2016, The Guardian reported that Mr Trump's star had been hit with a sledgehammer by a man dressed as a construction worker. The man claimed that he had intended to remove Mr Trump's star and auction it off to raise funds for women who claimed they had been sexually assaulted by Mr Trump.

Earlier that year, a British artist built a miniature wall topped with barbed wire and tiny American flags around the star.

In July 2018, the star was smashed again, this time by a man wielding a pickaxe. According to the New York Post, the perpetrator was later bailed out by the man who first defaced the star in 2016.

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