Republicans attribute 'unprecedented success' to massive investment in database

Leaders of the Republican National Committee say they were able to win the presidential and congressional elections by investing US$175 million in setting up files on every registered voter in the country.

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - Republicans on Monday (Nov 14) revealed to reporters how they managed what they called their "unprecedented success" in the Nov 8 elections to their massive investment in data.

Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Katie Walsh said the committee has invested $175 million (S$247 million) into setting up a giant database on the country's voters.

Data manager Bill Skelly said the committee has constructed a file on each of the nation's 198 million voters, which enabled candidates, including President-elect Donald Trump, to target their outreach to what he called "underperforming" and "unallocated" voters.

The RNC revealed their strategy to reporters at a briefing in Washington, DC.