Rare lemur born at San Diego zoo

A rare red ruffed lemur named Ony was born three weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo.

SAN DIEGO (REUTERS) -  A rare red ruffed lemur, born almost three weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo, had his weight checked at the zoo's Primate Propagation Center this week. The lemur, the first of its species to be born at the facility in 13 years, weighed in at 260g.

"Our red ruffed lemur baby will be almost three weeks old. He is 260g today. Mum is doing a great job taking care of him. She's a first-time mum. We were a little nervous at first because ruffed lemurs are very fragile when they're born, but she's been doing a great job," said zookeeper Kristen Watkins. 

The lemur was given the name Ony, which means river in Madagascar's Malagasy language.