Rain does not dampen Times Square confetti test

On a soggy New York City day, confetti rains down on Times Square ahead of the New Year's Eve celebration.

NEW YORK CITY (REUTERS) - A rainy day in New York City could not dampen the festivities at the traditional Times Square confetti air worthiness test on Thursday (Dec 29).

As the rain poured down so did the confetti from the top of the Times Square Hard Rock Cafe marquee. A youth marching band provided the drum roll for the start of the confetti toss.

From high above the street, volunteers threw handfuls of colorful confetti into the air. Passersby on the sidewalk watched as the thin paper fluttered to the ground.

Jeffrey Straus, president of Countdown Entertainment and the co-producer of the New Year's Eve events in Times Square, said the confetti can withstand even the worst weather.

"That's exactly why we do a confetti test. Because we've got to be ready in all weather conditions. And there is nothing worse than soggy confetti. And yet, if you see the video and the pictures, that confetti flew beautifully even under the worst conditions. We are so ready for December 31," he said.

The annual Times Square confetti test is held every year a few days before the massive Times Square New Year's Eve celebration where 1.361kg of confetti will be tossed onto the revellers.