Protesters say Trump and Pence will 'Make America Hate Again'

Holding signs bearing slogans like 'Dumb and Dumber,' protesters outside Indiana Governor Mike Pence's mansion say he should not have been chosen as Republican Donald Trump's running mate.

INDIANA (Reuters) - The signs may be a joke but the message couldn't be more serious. Protesters outside Indiana Governor Mike Pence's mansion say he is the wrong choice for Republican Donald Trump's Vice-Presidential running mate.

They say Mr Pence has actually "abandoned" Hoosiers, despite what Mr Trump said on Saturday (July 16) when he officially announced his pick.

"He's really got the skills of a highly talented executive, leading the state of Indiana to jobs, growth and opportunity," said Mr Trump.

Protesters say they're also concerned with the pair's stance on abortion and LGBT rights, not to mention, Mr Trump's controversial rhetoric.

"Donald Trump, Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to take us back to a language of hate and take America back to a time that was full of anger, hate and divisiveness, and we will not go there any more," said protester Cheryl Laux.

All this while, preparations are underway in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention where Mr Trump is set to officially become the party's Presidential candidate, with Mr Pence at his side.