Protesters across US demand a higher minimum wage

LOS ANGELES/ NEW YORK (Reuters) - Thousands are marching across the country to demand a higher minimum wage.

In Los Angeles, fast-food employees, union groups and other low-wage workers led the way with signs that read: Fight for Fifteen.

They're fighting for US$15 (S$20.38) an hour to be the new federal minimum wage.

California is already on pace to reach that wage after Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation last week to have $15 an hour by 2022.

In the Big Apple, several hundred people protested in Times Square.

They too fought for US$15.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also supports a higher minimum wage, signing a bill recently to reach US$15 an hour in the coming years.

The Windy City rounded out the days protests, with hundreds more calling for higher wages.

Surveys say most Americans support a higher minimum wage, though it's not clear what that wage should be.