Original Banksy with a rare identity clue to be auctioned

(REUTERS)- This piece of work by the elusive graffiti artist known only as Banksy is causing quite a stir in the art world.  

The subversive, satirical artist has managed to hide his real name and identity for years, until now.

Mr Michael Doyle of Julien's Auctions said: "On the paint bucket here you can actually see there are four or three fingers that Banksy smeared right down the side there, in red paint. Actually you can see distinct fingerprints on these marks right there."  

This is a clue which Mr Doyle says could be used to reveal the artist's identity- and add value to the sale price.  Mr Doyle said: "Pieces like this have sold for over a million. So we definitely think that's possible for this piece as well."  

Like all of Banksy's works, the mural, originally painted in 2010, in Detroit, carries a strong social message.  

A young boy in a hoodie is depicted recalling a time "When All This Was Trees"- instead of the crumbling Packard factory in Detroit where Banksy chose to make his statement.  

Mr Doyle said:  "One of the things that is really admirable about Banksy is that he can still strike a personal chord as much as he is the anonymous street artist that uses street paint and nobody knows who he is. People still feel a personal connection with him and that's something that's very interesting and very hard to achieve." 

The Detroit mural is owned by the city's small non-profit 555 Gallery and is being sold to raise funds for community arts programmes.  Though the enigmatic Banksy is nowhere to be found, enthusiasts say he continues to speak volumes all over the world.