'Limbo Queen' Shemika Charles goes viral shimmying under SUV

Shemika Charles (seen here in a screenshot) has gone viral again, carrying two trays of drinks under an SUV. PHOTO: TWITTER

NEW YORK - A video of a limbo world record holder going under an SUV with two trays full of drinks has gone viral.

"Limbo Queen" Shemika Charles, 23, of of Buffalo, New York, does not spill a drop while shimmying under the Toyota for her latest stunt.

Charles came to the attention of the public last month (Jan 2017) when a video of her doing the limbo underneath a row of seats at an airport went viral.

Fellow passengers' jaws dropped as she gave an impromptu performance of her skills while waiting to board a flight to Wisconsin at Philadelphia airport.

According to her Facebook biography, Charles is a two-time Guinness World Record holder for limbo-dancing.

In 2016, she competed in Beijing, China where she won her 2nd Guinness World Record for "The Farthest Distance to Limbo under 12 inches," her Facebook page says.

According to Guinness World Records, Charles also holds "the lowest height for a bar under which a female has passed", at 21.59cm off the floor. This was achieved on the set of Live! With Regis And Kelly" in New York on Sept 16, 2010.

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Charles is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and started practising her skill when she was 14. She took after her mother Sherrie, who was a limbo dancer for 16 years - although her mum could only ever get down to 0.9m.

"I saw that I had a really unique talent for it," says Shemika.

She continued to improve as she got older, practicing for "around six hours a day".

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