Ikea US offers wall anchor kit after falling chests kill two

The range of Malm chests of drawers sold by Ikea Singapore.
The range of Malm chests of drawers sold by Ikea Singapore.SCREENGRAB: IKEA.COM

WASHINGTON/SINGAPORE - Ikea US will offer a free wall-anchoring kit for chests and dressers to US consumers after two children died in tip-overs, US authorities said.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said the anchors are for some Malm model chests with three and four drawers as well as some other chests and dressers. Some 27 million chests are covered by the programme.

"The chests and dressers can pose a tip-over hazard if not securely anchored to the wall," the CPSC said on Wednesday.

The agency said that Ikea had received reports of two children, both around two years old, who died after Malm chests tipped over onto them in 2014. Neither chest had been anchored to a wall.

In total, Ikea and the CPSC have received 14 reports of tip-overs of Malm chests that resulted in four injuries, AFP reported. The agency said that since 1989 Ikea has been aware of three additional reports of deaths from tip-overs of other models of its chests and dressers.

When asked about the safety of the Malm range sold here, Ikea Singapore said: "We continue to encourage consumers to adhere to the instructions provided with each Ikea product and to ensure that all floor standing furniture units are fastened securely using the existing tip over restraints provided.

"Should any customer misplace their tip over restraint, they can head down to the Ikea stores' Exchange and Returns counter to get a replacement, pending availability."