Human arm found inside Florida alligator

Police in Florida found a human arm inside a 12-foot long alligator in Florida after a woman walking her dogs went missing, likely attacked and killed by the reptile.

FLORIDA (REUTERS) - A human arm was found inside this 12-foot alligator that police believe attacked and killed a woman walking her dogs.

Divers are still searching for 47-year-old Shi-zuka Matsuki who went missing Friday morning near this lake in Davie, Florida, a suburb of Miami.

A witness says he saw the woman walking her two dogs and later saw the dogs barking near the water, but did not see the woman again.

It took authorities more than 5 hours to capture the reptile.

Florida is known for its huge alligator population, there are more than one million in the state.

The most recent attack happened two years ago when a 2-year-old boy was playing near the water at a Walt Disney World resort was killed.