Four-legged fugitive in Vegas police chase

A mysterious, four-legged fugitive gambled and lost in Las Vegas Thursday when it was caught after leading police on a wild chase.

LAS VEGAS (REUTERS) - It didn't want to hang around... This mysterious creature leading authorities on a wild chase in Las Vegas, Thursday (April 20).

Armed with nets, Clark County Animal Control and Metro Police pursued the suspect as it zigzagged across the pavement.

Many wondering what exactly it was.

"At first we thought it was a baby kangaroo or something because it was hopping around," said witness Amber Ryan.

But it was not a kangaroo and it was not a rabbit.

It was a Patagonian Mara... native to South America.

Ms Ryan called 911 after seeing someone dump it in the street.

"They just threw it out with no care. Right in traffic it wasn't off into the side of the road or nothing," she said.

The Humane Society says it is a disturbing and all too frequent occurence.

Ms Lisa Wathne, Humane Society of the United States said: "As is so often the case in these situations they either realise that they cannot properly care for these animals or once the novelty wore off they simply wanted to get rid of it."

The animal is now at the county shelter... but its original owner is still on the run.