Former US VP candidate Sarah Palin vows to 'keep an eye' on Russia

Sarah Palin (left) points to Donald Trump (right) during a campaign event  in Iowa early this year (2016).
Sarah Palin (left) points to Donald Trump (right) during a campaign event in Iowa early this year (2016).PHOTO: REUTERS

WASHINGTON - Former Alaska Gov Sarah Palin was once parodied on the Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedy TV show by comedian as saying "I can see Russia from my house" when she was the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008.

Now she is telling Americans worried that Moscow may have helped influence the election of US President-elect Donald Trump that they have nothing to worry as long as she lives in Alaska.

"Remember I can keep an eye on them from here," she said in a posting on Twitter on Monday (Dec 12).

Her Tweet came in the wake of rising concern about a CIA report that said Russia had hacked into the accounts of US presidential candidates in a deliberate attempt to help Trump win last month's election (Nov).

Palin, a Republican and Trump supporter, appeared to pour scorn on the intelligence agency's report by, like Trump, taking to Twitter and blame the controversy on the Democrats and its candidate Hillary Clinton.

"Russia's getting out of hand? So says the defeated," she said on Twitter.

Trump himself has dismissed the report as "ridiculous" and "another excuse" by Democrats to diminish his own "landslide" win.

In a 2008 interview with ABC television, Palin, who was Arizona John McCain's running mate in the presidential election, told the station of Russia: "They're our next-door neighbours. And you can actually see Russia, from land, here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

In a dead-on imitation of Palin, SNL comedian Tina Fey turned those words into "And I can see Russia from my house", a punch line Palin has been trying to live down ever since.

Certainly her tongue-in-cheek tweet could go some way toward that end.