Fire survivor Safyre Terry, 8, gets her Christmas wish, and more

Safyre Terry's Christmas wish is to fill the card tree her aunt got for her.
Safyre Terry's Christmas wish is to fill the card tree her aunt got for her.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/KEVIN CLARK

Safyre Terry, an eight-year-old girl who suffered burns to more than 75 per cent of her body two years ago, had a simple Christmas wish: to get enough cards so she could fill her metal Christmas tree.

A week later, she has received more than cards and well wishes.

"I've got all of these cards on the Christmas tree - I don't think we can put some more on there…thank you," Safyre says in a video posted on Thursday (Dec 10), standing beside a full Christmas card tree.

The fire victim, who lost her family in the 2013 incident in Schenectady, New York, which was caused by an act of arson, has received hundreds of greeting cards and Christmas gifts from people around the world since her request went viral.


A fund-raising campaign to raise US$15,000 (S$21,000) for her has collected more than US$300,000.

Part of the money will go towards medical treatments for Safyre, who has had more than 50 operations, and lost a hand and a foot to infections after the fire.

The little girl had been looking forward to Christmas, so her aunt and guardian Liz Dolder bought her a metal Christmas card holder shaped like a tree.

Safyre was extremely excited and wished to fill up the entire tree with cards. So on Dec 3, Ms Dolder sent out an appeal on Facebook asking friends to send them cards.

The appeal went viral after a friend, Kevin Clark, shared it on his Facebook page.

This week, Ms Dolder shared on a community Facebook page Safyre's amazing Christmas experience.

Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor is full of photos of the gifts Safyre has received, including a Barbie doll, a giant teddy bear, a music box and dozens of other toys.

Safyre also received a gigantic Christmas card that was taller than her.