Driver in Los Angeles filmed going in reverse for miles

Los Angeles police are looking for the driver of a car which was filmed moving in reverse for two miles on a busy road.

The incident was recorded on July 9 by a witness in a separate vehicle following close behind the Audi as it moved backwards for about two miles - occasionally against traffic - from Mulholland Drive south towards Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles Times reported.

The video captured the car swerving in reverse around sharp bends and appeared almost to hit a pedestrian. It veered over the double yellow line several times in the middle of the road, narrowly missing oncoming traffic, Sky News reported.

Mr Kevin Zanazanian, who shot the video, can be heard saying in the clip: "Amazing. Amazing, guys. Wow, dude!"

"This guy's going backwards on oncoming traffic. Unbelievable. Only in LA!"

The footage has been described by the LA Police Department as "some of the most reckless driving investigators have ever seen", BBC said.