Disney eyes Twitter

Disney joins the growing list of companies interested in buying Twitter.

CALIFORNIA (Reuters) - Disney is the latest company aflutter over possibly buying Twitter, joining the list of would-be suitors that include Salesforce.com and Alphabet's Google. But Twitter may morph from the company you know into something else depending on who eventually buys it.

Analysts say the Mouse House could use Twitter to expand its sports programming and its mobile reach. Disney owns sports channel ESPN, and Twitter just began live streaming professional football games.

BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said: "The world of media is shifting to mobile, and these newer platforms are becoming the future."

Google, which has had a hard time with social media, could use Twitter to sell online ads. But Greenfield says an acquisition could face regulatory hurdles in Europe, where Google faces two anti-trust probes, and in the US.

Salesforce, a company that manages client data for sales and support, could use Twitter for customer service communications. And analysts say Salesforce could tap its social media might to analyse customer sentiment and nurture relationships with clients.