Diners and economics in the Democratic race

USA (Reuters) - It's retail politics in a diner for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday (Feb 18).

She's on the ground in Nevada -- which holds Democratic causes this Saturday (Feb 20).

Earlier this month, her status as the Democratic front-runner was jolted - first when the former secretary of state only beat rival Bernie Sanders by less than a percentage point in Iowa, and later when she lost to him by more than 20 points in New Hampshire. She is now in a dead heat - according to the latest Reuters/Ipos poll.

In Nevada, she's on the ground seeking out support one voter at a time - or at least one selfie at a time.

Meanwhile, her rival - Senator Bernie Sanders is in Washington DC - meeting with African-American leaders - delivering a message on economics.

"We understand that, since the Wall Street crash of 2007/2008, millions of people have lost their jobs and life savings - their homes," said Mr Sanders. "I understand that the African-American community has been harder hit than any other community in America."

The next Democratic primary will be held in South Carolina on Feb 27.