Clinton says maybe Trump isn't as rich as he claims

Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton picks apart her Republican rival's economic policies and personal finances.

OHIO (REUTERS) - Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton slammed Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump with a speech on his plans for the American economy, calling him out on his personal income tax record, and his plans to put "America first" while manufacturing his Trump retail products abroad.

"Maybe he isn't as rich as he claims," Mrs Clinton said during her campaign speech in Columbus, Ohio, questioning why Mr Trump has not released his personal income tax returns.

Mrs Clinton also went on to challenge Mr Trump's plan to promote infrastructure, manufacturing, and job creating, while he himself manufactures many of his retail products abroad. She then went on to give a long list of where items like Trump furniture, Trump ties, and Trump suits.

The presumptive Democratic nominee also said she herself would renegotiate trade deals that are not good for American workers if elected president.