Cheerio challenge: Competitive dads try to outdo each other by stacking cereal on sleeping babies

What happens when you leave dad alone with baby?

He stacks Cheerios on the face of the sleeping child - and get other dads to join in the fun.

The inspiration behind the Cheerio Challenge, started by Mr Patrick Quinn of Orange County, California, was simple.

Mr Quinn's three-week-old son was fast asleep on his lap and there was a bowl of Cheerios conveniently placed near the couch. To keep himself entertained, he decided to stack Cheerios on his son's nose. He reached a record of five Cheerios.

Mr Quinn, co-founder of parenting website Life Of Dad, told CNN: "I'd take a picture but then I'd start laughing and it'd topple over. So I'd start again, take a picture and it'd topple over. The highest I got to is five."

He then challenged others by posting a photo of his achievement on Life of Dad with the caption: "Parents of infants, can you top 5? Prove it when you do."

Competitive dads just could not resist taking on this challenge.

Soon after the photo was uploaded, hundreds of pictures featuring children sound asleep with stacks of Cheerios on their tiny faces flooded the Internet, The Mirror Online reported.

According to CNN, there were fathers who managed to balance more than 20 Cheerios.

Others were more creative, with some spicing up the challenge by building a Cheerios pyramid or balancing an entire box of Cheerios on their children's heads.

Mr Quinn told CNN: "The funniest one I saw was very simple, a little baby with three pancakes stuck on her head."