Baby 'born twice' at Texas hospital

A healthy baby has been delivered by C-section 12 weeks after doctors in Texas partially delivered her to remove a spinal tumour and then returned her to the womb to allow her to develop normally.

TEXAS (REUTERS) - Four-month-old Lynlee is sleeping peacefully at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

She's tired for good reason - she's been born twice.

Her first birth, of a sort, came last spring.

Doctors were forced to remove Lynlee's legs and lower body from her mother's womb at only 23 weeks in order to remove a life-threatening tumour from her spine.

For Lynlee's mother, Margaret Boemer, who'd only just lost Lynlee's twin, there was no other choice.

"Lynlee didn't have much of a chance you have a 50/50 chance of making it and the tumor was so big. I was coming for regular checkups and by the time at 23 weeks the tumour was shutting her heart down and causing her to go into cardiac failure."

But the operation was a success.

Doctors then placed her back in the womb so she could finish her development naturally.

Afterwards, Boemer says more surgery was performed to remove the rest of the tumour and reconstruct some of the muscles.

Ahead lies some physical therapy to make sure that Lynlee's legs work properly.

But overall, she's doing well, according to her grateful family.

"How exciting it is that she's made it through and not only made it through, but done so well, and we're very thankful for the doctors," said Boemer.

Hospital officials say this type of tumour occurs in one of only 40,000 pregnancies.

Its cause is unknown but baby girls are affected four times more often than boys.

Although, there is an upside - Lynlee gets two birthdays.